How Do You Show Centerlines In Solidworks Drawings?

How do you insert a dowel symbol in solidworks?

Do one of the following:Click Dowel Pin Symbol (Annotation toolbar) or Insert > Annotations > Dowel Pin Symbol, and select a circular edge, a sketched circle, or an arc.Select circular edges, sketched circles, or arcs and click Dowel Pin Symbol or Insert > Annotations > Dowel Pin Symbol..

How do you delete an explode line in Solidworks?

To delete an explode step:Right-click Exploded View and click Edit Feature. Under Explode Steps, right-click an explode step and click Delete.Expand Exploded View . Right-click an explode step and click Delete Explode Step.

How do you insert a symbol in Solidworks drawing?

Adding Symbols to Dimension TextClick in a drawing dimension to open the Dimension PropertyManager.On the Value tab, at the bottom of the Dimension Text section, click More. … Click. … To add additional symbols to the Symbols display, click another category in the list. … Click a symbol to add to the drawing dimension.More items…

How do I show axis in Solidworks drawing?

To turn the display of axes on or off: Click View > Hide/Show > Axes. Search ‘Turning the Display of Axes On or Off’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

How do you show exploded lines in Solidworks drawings?

To add explode lines to an exploded view, use an explode line sketch (a type of 3D sketch). (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Explode Line Sketch . is activated and the Route Line PropertyManager opens. All lines in an explode line sketch appear in phantom font.

How do you make a diameter symbol in solidworks?

Using special keystrokesPlus / Minus Symbol (±) Keystroke: ALT+0177.Degree Symbol (°) Keystroke: ALT+0176.Diameter Symbol (Ø) Keystroke: ALT+0216.

How do I edit an exploded view in Solidworks?

To edit an explode step:To open the Explode PropertyManager: Right-click Exploded View and click Edit Feature. … Reposition the components: To move a component along its axis, drag the handle . … Update the options in the PropertyManager: Select components to add to the step. … Click Undo to undo changes.Click Done.

How do you explode an assembly in Solidworks?

To create an exploded view:Click Exploded View. (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Exploded View.Select one or more components to include in the first explode step. … Drag a triad arm to explode the components. … Under Settings, click Done. … Create more explode steps as needed, then click .

How do you hide a coordinate system in Solidworks?

To hide or show individual coordinate systems: Right-click the coordinate system and click Hide or Show. Individual coordinate systems always are highlighted when you select them, even when hidden. Search ‘Hiding and Showing Coordinate Systems’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

How do you hide axis in Solidworks?

To hide or show an individual axis:Right-click the axis in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree.Select Hide or Show.

What is the keyboard shortcut for diameter symbol?

I’ve found the Alt keys for these symbols: ( ° ) = alt+248, Diameter ( Ø ) = alt+0216, and fortunately they do work in SU with text annotation. But, would sure be great to have more mnemonic one or two key shortcut to these often-used symbols.

How do you make the diameter symbol?

To easily insert the diameter symbol (Ø) on Word: using the keyboard, press Ctrl+/, then press Shift+O. This should give you the diameter symbol or O with slash through it. Alternatively, press down the Alt key, then press the symbol’s Alt code – 0216.