Question: How Do You Show Hidden Bodies In Solidworks?

How do you hide edges in Solidworks?

To hide or show edges in a drawing:Click Hide/Show Edges.

Select the edges to hide (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click .

To show edges, click Hide/Show Edges.

Select the hidden edges highlighted in orange, (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click ..

How do you add a centerline to a drawing in Solidworks?

To insert centerlines automatically into drawing views:In a drawing document, click Options , Document Properties, Detailing.Under Auto insert on view creation, select Centerlines.Click OK.Insert a drawing view. Centerlines appear automatically in all appropriate features.

How do I show hidden features in Solidworks?

Show Hidden EdgesRight-click the drawing view and select Properties.Select the Show Hidden Edges tab.Select a feature or component from either the drawing view or the FeatureManager design tree to add it to the list of items to be shown with hidden lines.Click Apply to see the effect of your selection.More items…

Why is my solidworks part invisible?

The majority of the time this is a quick and easy fix, by changing the Bodies display. To do this, expand the FeatureManager design tree and check the display status of the Solid Bodies folder. If this is set to Hide, the part will not be visible.

How do I unhide all parts in a Solidworks assembly?

Either you used CTRL + SHIFT + TAB to show all hidden components, then have to re-select them all in the graphic area.

How do I show all bodies in Solidworks?

Hide and Show BodiesOpen a document containing multiple surface or solid bodies.Click View > Hide/Show Bodies.In the PropertyManager, under Hidden Bodies, select bodies in the graphics area for Surface/Solid Bodies . … Click . … To preview hidden bodies, in the FeatureManager design tree, do one of the following:More items…

How do you hide hidden lines in Solidworks?

Right-click a feature or component in the drawing view or in the FeatureManager design tree and select Show/Hide, Show Hidden Edges. If the hidden edges are visible, you can hide them again by right-clicking the feature or component and selecting Show/Hide, Hide Hidden Edges.