Question: How Much Can I Slow Down 60fps?

Can you slow down 24 fps?

If you only record at 24 fps, you won’t be able to slow down any of the footage without making it look choppy.

All right, so you record at 120 fps — but then you lose that cinematic motion blur at high shutter speed..

Is there a difference between 60 fps and 120 fps?

If you are playing in a fast paced action game, such as a First-Person Shooter, 144 FPS is a competitive advantage. With that said, 60 FPS is workable. … The difference is that 120 FPS would be twice as fast and almost would look like real life.

How much does it cost to slow down 30fps to 24fps?

Re: Music Video: Recording in 30fps & slowing down to 24fps song has to be speeded up to 30/24 = 125% to be in right recording speed. after slowing down video = 30/1.25 (or 30*0.8 ) you are back on 24fps.

Can I convert 30fps to 24fps?

There a two ways to convert a 30FPS clip to 24FPS. You can either drop frames or slow down the play back.

Which FPS is better for slow motion?

Any frame rate at 60fps or above is considered a high speed frame rate. For example, 60fps, 120fps, and 240fps would all be considered high speed and are typically used for slow motion video. Some cameras can even go as fast as 1,000 frames per second.

How do I slow down 60fps to 24fps?

If you shoot 60p and drop that clip into a 24p or 30p Sequence, you can apply 40% or 50% Speed respectively and get smooth slow-motion since you have enough extra frames from the 60p clip that no frames get duplicated. You don’t need to interpret, just change speed on the clip and Premiere will handle it.

How many FPS do you need for slow motion?

60 fpsMost prosumer cameras will at least do 60 fps, which will slow motion down to half speed. Many now go up to 120 fps and specialty cameras will go even higher. What frame rate you need depends on what you want to shoot. Choose your frame rate based on how long you want your final footage to last.

How slow is 120fps?

120fps: The baseline for slow motion speed at just a quarter of the speed of real life.

How much can I slow down 30fps?

Here are some common overcranked frame rates with the respective percentages they should be slowed down to in post (in a 24p project/timeline): 30fps = 80% 48fps = 50% 60fps = 40%

How many FPS does the human eye see?

How many frames per second do you think you can see? Some experts will tell you that the human eye can see between 30 and 60 frames per second. Some maintain that it’s not really possible for the human eye to perceive more than 60 frames per second.

Can you slow down 4k 30fps?

You can slow down any speed footage in your editing program. However the higher the shooting rate the better the slo-mo will be. For example if you shoot at 30fps you will have to play it back at 15fps to slow it by half. This results in repeating every other frame, so the image will stutter.

Is 60 fps good enough for slow motion?

People get smooth-looking slow motion out of 60fps footage by playing it back at 24fps or more.