Quick Answer: How Do I Unhide A Dimension In Solidworks?

How do I make hidden lines visible in Solidworks?

To display the model with hidden lines visible, do one of the following:Click Display Style > Hidden Lines Visible (Heads-up View toolbar).Hidden Lines Visible (View toolbar).View > Display > Hidden Lines Visible..

How do you show hidden lines in Solidworks drawing 2019?

To show or hide hidden edges in the Drawing View Properties dialog box:Right-click the drawing view and select Properties.Select the Show Hidden Edges tab.Select a feature or component from either the drawing view or the FeatureManager design tree to add it to the list of items to be shown with hidden lines.More items…

How do I set dimensions in Solidworks?

To change a dimension:Double-click a dimension. The Modify dialog box appears.Change the dimension value with the arrows, thumbwheel , mouse wheel, or by typing in the dimension box. … Choose from: … Use the buttons as follows:

How do you show dimensions in Solidworks drawings?

Go to Tools > Options and in the Document Properties tab, click Detailing. Select Dimensions marked for drawing under Auto insert on view creation.

How do you hide measurements in Solidworks?

Step 1: Right-click on a dimension in a drawing view and select Hide from the shortcut menu:Right-click on a dimension and select Hide. … Dimensions “3” and “150” are hidden. … Activate the Hide/Show Annotation. … By activating Hide/Show Annotation, the hidden dimensions would show in gray color.More items…•

How do I move a dimension in Solidworks?

To move or copy dimensions from one view to another view: Hold the Shift key (to move) or the Ctrl key (to copy) as you drag the dimensions into another view. Use this method to create multiple driving dimensions.

How do you hide dimensions in Solidworks assembly?

Toggling the Display of Selected Feature DimensionsTo hide an individual dimension, right-click it, and select Hide.To hide all the dimensions of a selected feature, right-click the feature in the FeatureManager design tree, or right-click one of its faces, and select Hide All Dimensions.More items…

How do I repair dimensions in Solidworks?

To set a fixed length:Select the spline to dimension.Click Smart Dimension (Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools > Dimensions > Smart Dimensions.Click anywhere on the spline to place the dimension and click. … Drag an endpoint of the spline.More items…

How do you delete a dimension in Solidworks?

To delete a SOLIDWORKS Sketch Dimension you typically select the dimension and hit Delete. To edit the value of the dimension you would double-click on the value to open the Modify dialog.

How do you hide sketch lines in Solidworks drawing?

To hide a sketch in a drawing, right-click the sketch in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree and select Hide. Search ‘Hiding and Showing Sketches’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

How do I show all dimensions in Solidworks?

To re-display the dimensions, right-click the feature or one of its faces, and select Show All Dimensions. To show dimension names, click View > Hide/Show > Dimension Names or Hide/Show Items > View Dimension Names (Heads-up View toolbar).

How do you add a dimension to a Solidworks 3d object?

To add angular dimensions between 3D sketch planes:Double-click one 3D sketch plane to make it active.Right-click on the edge of the 3D sketch plane to which you want to dimension, and select Smart Dimension.With the second plane selected, click inside the active plane to add the dimension.

How do you hide tangent edges in Solidworks?

Other options for tangent edge display are in the Hide/Show Edges PropertyManager. You can set the color of tangent edges in Tools > Options > System Options > Colors . In Color scheme settings, select Drawings > Model Tangent Edges and set the color.

How do you hide edges in Solidworks?

To hide or show edges in a drawing:Click Hide/Show Edges. … Select the edges to hide (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click . … To show edges, click Hide/Show Edges. … Select the hidden edges highlighted in orange, (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click .