Quick Answer: Which Apps Support 120hz?

What mobile games support 120hz?

120Hz games for Asus ROG Phone 2Ace Force: Joint Combat.Bendy in Nightmare Run.Blades of Brim.Bullet Force.Bullet League.CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.Fast like a Fox.Grimvalor.More items…•.

Does Cod mobile support 120hz?

Call of Duty Mobile makes the move to 120Hz for smoother multiplayer gaming. News. (Pocket-lint) – Call of Duty Mobile will be making the move to 120Hz, leading to smoother action in multiplayer gaming. … In the announcement, Plummer confirmed that 120Hz refresh rate would be supported in the multiplayer modes of the …

Will there be a ROG phone 3?

8 July 2020: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus announced and confirmed for ROG Phone 3. Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 865 Plus, along with confirmation that it’s going to be powering the new ROG Phone 3.

Does Brawl Stars support 120hz?

Games that support below 120Hz refresh rate Heart Star, Pinout, Robot Warfare, SimCity BuildIt, Brawl Stars and more.

Can 60hz run 90fps?

No, the max FPS you can get on your 60HZ display is 60 fps, if it is showing 100 fps on the game also you are getting only 60 fps.

Is Samsung s20 good for gaming?

In addition to having big displays, all Galaxy S20 series have an ideal aspect ratio for gaming. At 20:9, the phone is more comfortable to hold in landscape mode gaming sessions. You also get an HDR10/10+ display for improved contrast on supported games, and resolution (and thus, pixel density) are off the charts.

What games can run at 144hz?

Competitive multiplayer games are the perfect playground for 144Hz displays. Think about games like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, PUBG, and Fortnite for example. There’s very little in the way of AI or NPC logic that needs to happen.

What apps support 120hz?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the first mainstream Android phone to feature an (optional) 120Hz display refresh rate mode, following the Asus ROG Phone II and its fellow gaming devices on the heels….1945.Alto’s Odyssey.Arena of Valor.Auto Chess.Dariusburst SP.Dead Trigger 2.Dota Underlords.Marvel Contest of Champions.More items…•

Does Subway Surfers support 120hz?

Almost all popular Android OEMs are now set to adopt the technology….160+ Games that support 120Hz High Refresh rate.GameMaximum Frame Rate supportSubway Surfers120fpsSummoners War120fpsSuper Samurai Rampage120fpsTemple Run 2120fps161 more rows•Jun 2, 2020

Does YouTube do 120hz?

YouTube can play at 120hz by playing back a 60fps video at double speed, the same trick you could use to watch 60fps videos before legit 60fps support.

Does Pokemon Go support 120hz?

Pokémon Go update breaks 90Hz/120Hz support on OnePlus 7 Pro and other phones. Phones with high refresh rate displays (90Hz, 120Hz, etc.) … Pokémon Go is one title that works at high refresh rates, enabling silky-smooth gameplay…

Which phone has the highest FPS?

Samsung Galaxy S20 series. … Huawei Mate 30 Pro (1920fps) … Sony Xperia 1 (960fps) … Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (960 fps) … Samsung Galaxy S10-series (960 fps) … Huawei P30 Pro. … OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 7T (480 fps) … Asus 6Z.More items…•