Quick Answer: Why Does Wyatt Live With Darlene?

Who killed Jacob on Ozark?

Jacob met a tragic end after he was murdered by his own scheming wife Darlene (Lisa Emery), who poisoned him with cyanide.

She killed him off after she was unhappy about his decisions involving the Byrde family..

Does Wyatt langmore go to college?

Unfortunately for Ruth, Wyatt never did attend college, instead cutting ties with her when he discovered she was responsible for his father’s demise. He instead sort comfort in drug queenpin Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) as she geared up to go to war with Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney).

Why did Darlene Snell kill her husband?

Jacob killed a young man who Darlene viewed as a surrogate son, which left her upset. … Darlene, on the other hand, wanted to take a stronger line against the rival crime couple but she was overruled by Jacob.

Does Darlene get killed in Ozark?

Marty made it clear to Frank Sr that Ruth was “untouchable”, a point Frank Sr will have relayed to his son. However, he showed no signs of listening when he decided to brutally ambush her and beat her close to death – what would make him listen to his father now he’s had his never-region blown off?

Does Rachel die on Ozark?

Season two saw Rachel’s life taking a tragic turn after she returned to the Ozarks with a drug addiction following a brief period away. Despite Marty giving her hush money with the promise of a new life, she ended up dying after taking poisoned drugs.

Is Ozark based on a true story?

Is ‘Ozark’ Based on a True Story? No. ‘Ozark’ is a fictional show created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. The characters, as well as the Navarro Cartel, are all a figment of the creator’s imagination.

Who did Wendy byrde cheat with?

Gary “Sugarwood” SilverbergMarty’s wife Wendy is having an affair with Gary “Sugarwood” Silverberg. She follows his advice to leave Marty and take their two children and as much money as she can secure, which causes Del to have Silverberg killed as a warning to Wendy to keep the family together.

What happens to Wyatt on Ozark?

In Ozark Season 3, Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) refuses to talk to his cousin, Ruth (Julia Garner), after he finds out that she killed his dad and uncle. He begins breaking and entering to support himself before a homeowner caught him and called the cops. The smart local refused to take Ruth’s money, so he stayed in jail.

What happened to the pastor’s wife in Ozark?

In season two Mason finally discovered in episode seven – titled One Way Out – the truth about Grace after he kidnapped Wendy (Laura Linney). While Mason held her hostage, Wendy revealed that Grace hadn’t just left him and that she was killed by the Snells because she posed a threat to their heroin business.

What Happened to Baby Zeke on Ozark?

During an altercation between Marty and Mason, the pastor was killed and his child Zeke now an orphan. The Byrdes took the baby in as their own and were going to raise him. However, Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) had other ideas after she wanted compensation from the Byrdes for their riverboat casino.

Who killed Ruth’s dad in Ozark?

Cade Langmore and Agent Petty were killed Ruth’s father, Cade Langmore (Trevor Long) bashes Agent Petty in the head with a brick and leaves his body in the river. Cade then makes a deal with Wendy to take $500,000 to leave town. However, it turns out to be a setup, and Cade is killed by the Navarro Cartel.

Does Marty die in Ozark?

Marty and Wendy have had more than their fair share of close shaves with death over three seasons of Ozark. Marty, in particular, found his life hanging in the balance more than ever in the third season as Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) began taking more of an interest in their lives.

Why does Wyatt think Ruth killed his dad?

As fans may remember, Ruth murdered Wyatt’s father Russ and her other uncle Boyd (Christopher James). She killed the pair after suspecting Russ of becoming an FBI informant. Russ was entrapped by psychotic FBI Agent Tom Petty (Jason Harner-Butler), who seduced and later blackmailed him to get information on Marty.

Are Ruth and Wyatt cousins?

Wyatt Langmore Wyatt is the son of Russ and his younger brother is Three. Cade is their uncle and Ruth is their cousin. … He initially distanced himself from her before the two cousins reconciled in season three. Wyatt is in a relationship with Darlene after she offered him a place to stay.

Does Wyatt find out Ruth killed his dad?

An emotional moment in the last season showed Ruth and Wyatt celebrating when he was granted admission into the University of Missouri, seemingly finding a path to a life his family has never had the chance for before. But then he found out that Ruth killed his father and uncle, and things were never the same.

Who killed the Snells?

Jacob Snell ended up dying by Darlene’s hand when his wife poisoned him with ground up cherry pits in his coffee. It was one of Ozark’s most surprising deaths, made all the more surprising that the two still seemed very much in love and understanding of each other even after Jacob learned what Darlene had done.